Explore our range of Exquisite Chocolates Below

  • Elements


    Handcrafted Pralines inspired by the mystical elements of nature.

  • Ganache


    Lose yourself in the exquisitely smooth and silken experience of Ganache.

  • As You Like It

    As You Like It

    Craft your own Chocolate cup creations

  • Single Origin Cacaos

    Single Origin Cacaos

    Six of the world’s finest cocoas in a box

  • Gianduja


    Rich milk chocolate with Turkish hazelnuts

  • Ruby Gianduja

    Ruby Gianduja

    Discover Gianduja, an age-old Italian delicacy made from a new type of chocolate.

  • Luxury Bars

    Luxury Bars

    Indulge in Luxury Chocolate Bars from Fabelle.

  • Dessert Collection

    Dessert Collection

    A unique collection of handcrafted truffles inspired by desserts.